Hew Wolff

Key Skills

        · Languages: Java, Python, SQL, C/C++.         · Platforms: UNIX/Linux, Android.         · Web: JEE/J2EE (JSF, JSP, JDBC), REST.         · Database: Oracle, MySQL, Hibernate.         · General: Emacs, Subversion, Git, Bash, Ant, Eclipse.

Experience in Software

    Senior Software Engineer
Art & Logic (1996-present)Pasadena, CA (full-time telecommuting)
        · Led 30 projects with teams of 1-4 developers, managing technical issues and client relations.         Web Development:         · Designed and built a web interface for Motorola's wireless cable modems, extending the web server code with a parameter-management table, run-time display flexibility, run-time localization, an XML protocol for communicating with the device back end, and device simulation. Added scripts for validation (Python for testing hyperlink navigation, Java for UTF-8 encoding and unit testing, XSLT for schema), preparing localized code, and preparing releases.         · Added SOAP service to high-performance PHP application for processing photographic images.         · Maintained HTML 5 Canvas design application.         · Designed, built, and maintained the company's timesheet tracking system from 2000 to 2008, adding a web interface to the legacy FileMaker Pro database using Lasso middleware, and a Java client utility.         · Designed Flash application for creating modular furniture layouts, with flexible administrative interface, using PHP/MySQL for back end.         · Contributed to open-source GoAhead/AppWeb embedded web server, and ported to a new RTOS.         · Managed and contributed to J2EE web application for uploading and reporting on sales data for a large beverage company.         · Implemented web interface to an MPEG multiplexer, including a complex Java applet and an XML protocol for displaying hierarchical stream data in real time.         · Added Ruby navigation tests to major sports gear e-commerce site.         · Built and maintained web application to automate loans for mortgage brokers.         · Built Ajax prototype for smart thermostat interface, and supervised port to Google Web Toolkit.         Server-side Development:         · Designed and implemented REST API for a large evolving data model, using JEE (Tomcat, Hibernate, and Oracle), for iPad sales support app.         · Built REST API for music-playlist management using Python and TurboGears.         Desktop Development:         · Managed design and development of cross-platform JRuby tool for processing aerial photos.         · Maintained legacy ASP.NET application, and added Excel/VBA reporting tool for aggregating sales data, with custom configuration language.         · Implemented Windows user interfaces in Visual C++ for multimedia authoring tool, medical training package, and digital audio recorder.         · Wrote a utility to convert sound files to proprietary format, researching and implementing sample rate conversion algorithm.         · Conceived and designed C++ classes for real-time sample analysis module used by ultrasonic testing apparatus.         · Implemented proof-of-concept 3-D molecular simulation in Java and Python (using OpenGL), and Flash.         Other Responsibilities:         · Researched recommender system algorithms for news story propagation.         · Took over a troubled web-device-management project and brought it back on track, clarifying goals and delivering on them.         · Developed and closed new sales lead.         · Prepared estimates and technology recommendations for project proposals.         · Interviewed and evaluated engineer candidates.         · Wrote technical articles for the company web site.


    Ph.D. in Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley (1996)Berkeley, CA
        · Thesis: “Fundamental groups of immersed spheres”.         · Conceived and developed 4,000-line computer program for dissertation research, to generate and study examples of a topological construction.     A.B. in Mathematics with Honors
Harvard University (1991)Cambridge, MA
        · Wrote prize-winning undergraduate thesis, including computer program to solve a difficult 3-dimensional tiling problem by exhaustive search.

Published Work

    Articles        · “Confessions of a Git Skeptic”, Hacker News front page (Art & Logic blog), February 2013.         · “Good Code Tells the Truth”, PragPub magazine, October 2010.         · “XSLT As Pretty Printer”, xml.com, November 29, 2006.         · “Automating Localization”, Dr. Dobb's Journal, February 2005.         · “Space tilings and local isomorphism” (with Charles Radin), Geometriae Dedicata 42 (1992) n.3.